Story About Us

Two years ago, My friend SOREL spent pretty penny on decorations for her wedding, but still felt something was missing.
One of her complaints was that the wine bottles on each table were “naked”.
This became the motivating drive for us, a creative designer team.
we decided to dress up the bottles, creating little miniature bridal gowns for the wines.
Wine appears at almost all wedding receptions and we thought it would be an awesome idea if the bottles were all nicely wrapped up.
we started on the design immediately and pictured them as down-sized versions of the wardrobe for both bride andgroom.A woman wears a veil only once in her life,
but I believe the wine ‘wardrobe’, which can be kept as souvenirs of the wedding, will allow the couple to retain the beautiful memories longer.
We selected the fabric, lace, and accessories all sourced locally, sketched the first drafts and then proceeded to produce the miniature suits and gowns.
The little bridal outfit is like a real gown with a zip at the back, and it is cut to fit the bottle perfectly.
Add crowns and veils to make the bottle look taller, which adds a more bridal element.

unique table centerpiecesunique table centerpieces 2unique table centerpieces 2
We hope the brides and grooms and the guests at the wedding would all see the beauty of the gowns on the bottle,rather than just consider it a wrapping for the bottle.